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Company Information: SEA Products has been in business for over 25 year selling to our customers locally and online.  We are a family run business and treat each of our customers like family.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and product knowledge.  We back all our products with a 30-day money back guarantee.  If you would like more information about us, please email us at scottallen@erols.com or 610 761 7340.

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We charge a 10% Restocking Fees As long as the item is returned in NEW condition.

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Do you sell current products?

The products we sell are always the newest models and latest updates. We update our site with the latest products as they become available from the manufacturer.

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Shipping costs are based on the costs charged to us by the manufacturer (shipping & handling) to deliver the product directly to you from their warehouse. All products are shipped via USPS, US Priority Mail or UPS Ground 

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Yes! Just call us at 61- 761 7340 to get a quote for the cost of the order. All checks should be made out to SEA Products and must arrive within 1 week of your order date. Keep in mind that checks take 7-10 days to clear and your order will not ship until the check clears.

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What about overnight delivery?

Overnight and second and third day shipping is available for an additional shipping charge. You must contact us at 619 761 7340 or 610 544 991 for overnight shipping.

What if I need warranty service?

All of our suppliers hold to the strictest standards of quality control, and all of our products are fully warranted by the manufacturer. If by chance you receive a defective product, the manufacturer's warranty information and service address will be clearly marked on or in the package you receive. If your product is damaged in shipping, the issue can quickly be resolved by notifying UPS. If you ever have questions not answered by the manufacturer or by UPS, please contact us at scottallen@erols.com.

How safe is my credit card information?

When you buy from us, your credit card purchase is processed in real time by secure eCommerce servers.   Your card couldn't be safer!



 More Information on Morning Sickness 

Who Gets Morning Sickness and Why:



Morning Sickness affects about 50 to 80% of pregnant women.  No one really knows the exact cause of morning sickness but it's probably due to a combination of the changes happening to your body, elevated levels of hormones and/or a more higher sensitivity to odors.

What is morning sickness?



Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is commonly called morning sickness and affects about 50 to 80% of pregnant women.  Even though over 50% of woman suffer from morning sickness, nobody knows the exact cause. 


Morning sickness can happen any time of day.  Some women suffer for short periods of time while others suffer for several weeks.  Morning sickness usually starts around the 4th to 6th week and ends by the 14th to 16th week, although it can start at week 1 and last for the entire pregnancy.  It is a condition that can hamper a woman's lifestyle.


Fortunately, there are many treatments to help women deal with morning sickness.  Listed below are a few drug free treatments. Always talk to your healthcare provider before trying any treatments.

Things you can do to relieve morning sickness:

   General things you can do to relieve the Morning Sickness:


Avoid warm places since heat can increase the nausea feelings.


Get up slowly after eating to avoid morning sickness (don’t shake up your stomach).


Get out of bed slowly in the morning.

  Meals and eating while you have Morning Sickness


Eat bland foods like saltine crackers when you feel nauseous.


Eat dry crackers before getting up in the morning.


Eat small meals during the day instead of 3 large meals.


Never eat so you are too full and snack between meals so you are never too hungry.


Do not skip meals; eat smaller meals during the day to avoid morning sickness


When hungry or craving, only eat a moderate amount of food.


Try to get someone else to help prepare meals or order out so the odors don’t effect you.


Open windows when cooking and after eating to clear out the odors.


Cooking in the microwave usually productes less odor.


Avoid greasy, fried and spicy foods.


Avoid rich, fatty foods, these attribute to morning sickness


Avoid foods with smells that bother you.


Eating something salty before a meal could help.


Don’t drink while eating, but instead, have you liquid after your meal.


Try Jell-O, popsicles, chicken broth, ginger ale, decaffeinated or herbal teas, pretzels.


Try eating more carbohydrates like a plane baked potato, dry toast or white rice.

  Stay away from strong odors to avoid Morning Sickness


Eat cold foods since hot foods smell more.


Use the ventilation fan in the kitchen to avoid morning sickness.


Burn an herbal candle while cooking to mask the strong odor of food.


Use an air purifier to reduce strong odors that attribute to morning sickness.

  Drinking Liquids with Morning Sickness


Don’t drink many fluids during your meal. Drink before and after you eat.


Avoid dehydration; drink small amounts of liquids many times during the day to reduce the chance of morning sickness..


Drinking non-caffeinated teas like ginger or peppermint can calm nausea.

  Sleep and Rest for Morning Sickness


Get plenty of rest.  Your body will be more prepared to deal with morning sickness.


If you can’t sleep well at night, take naps during the day (but not right after eating)


Try to reduce your stress level.  Stress is a definite contributor to morning sickness.

  Natural Remedies for Motion Sickness:


Acupressure Relief:


  Bio Band


  Magna Band


  Sea Band


Herbal Relief:


  Ginger Capsules (Sailor’s Secret)


  On the Move (Herbal Capsules)


  Preggie Pops (Lollipops)

Ginger / Herbal:  Ginger and other Herbs are natural products that have been used throughout history to ease symptoms of morning sickness.  The government does not regulate these products as they do with prescription medications.  Although the government does not regulate these products, there is no evidence that ginger causes any problems if taken during pregnancy for the moderate relief of nausea or vomiting.  As always, check with your doctor before taking any medication during your pregnancy.

Acupressure: Acupressure is applied by stimulating the P6 point on your wrist.  This stimulation blocks the nausea signal from going to the brain.  This is accomplished by wearing a bracelet with a button that stimulates the P6 point on the underside of your wrist.  This can be very effective on some women but does not work on every expectant mother.